The common sense and taboo of eating seafood in winter
Column:Industry News Time:2017-11-01
Seafood is eaten all year round, while seafood is the most nutritious and healthy.
What seafood do you eat in winter? There are plenty of seafood to eat in the winter, and the following are especially good for winter.

1, hairtail

Hairtail nutritional value is extremely high, the protein content of pork 2 times, the human body absorptivity, vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus in fish can effectively prevent osteoporosis, often eat hairtail can moisturize skin, keep skin moist and elastic. Moreover, hairtail surface with a layer of special fat formation of the "scale", which contains rich nutrients such as protein, iron, iodine, more lecithin and a variety of unsaturated fatty acid, there is also a natural anti-cancer ingredients: 6 - thio guanine. It is very suitable for patients with beautiful women and cardiovascular diseases.

2, winter crab

In the cold winter, many seafood is not good. Even a lot of fish, shrimp, are in the growing season. But the winter crab is different from the other, the winter crab is still very fat. The cream is very thick and sweet. The crab must be steamed, and any other method will not show the crab's sweetness. The crab is very light in zhoushan. It is usually steamed and steamed. After a dozen minutes steamed, what dips do not use, eat directly. Zhoushan people eat seafood, dainty is fresh, dip the material, waste fresh.

3. Tiger prawns

Winter is the tiger prawns spawning period, the great tiger shrimp is the most beautiful, nutritional value is highest, TCM believes that great tiger shrimp have kidney strong sun, the effect of yangxue solid essence, therefore, male health edible great tiger shrimp is the best.

4, clam

They are called snails, clams, yellow clams, sea clams. The clams are mainly produced in coastal areas, with high economic value, rich nutrition, delicious meat quality, rich nutrition, and have high medicinal value of food therapy. Legend has it that the qianlong emperor in the south of the Yangtze river to eat the clam, the royal seal it "the first fresh." Buy the clam back, put it in clear water, put a little salt, no fresh water. If you need to save, you can put the clam in the freezer. But the clam had better buy now, eat how much to buy, do not buy too much at one time.

5, bass

The bass is very rich in winter, and it is not only white as snow and fish, but also the most abundant nutrients in fish. So winter is the best season for bass! Bass has the effect of spleen, stomach, liver and kidney, phlegm and cough. It has a good effect on people who have inadequate liver and kidney. It can also treat the weakness of the spleen and stomach, indigestion, edema and other symptoms.

Seafood in winter

1. Eating seafood with fruit causes abdominal pain

Fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood products are rich in protein and calcium (calcium food) and other nutrients. And fruit contains more tannic acid, if after eating seafood, immediately to eat fruit, not only affect the human body to absorb proteins, calcium in seafood will be combined with the tannic acid in the fruit, the formation of refractory calcium, can produce stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract, and even cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. It is best to eat more than two hours apart.

2. After eating seafood, tea will have a stone

The reason that eat seafood not to drink tea is similar to the reason that should not eat fruit. Because the tea also contains tannic acid, the calcium that can form insoluble with the calcium in seafood. Eating seafood before or after eating seafood will increase your chances of combining calcium with tannic acid. Therefore, it is best not to drink tea when eating seafood. For the same reason, it is best to be more than two hours apart.

3. Seafood is not cooked and contains bacteria

The bacteria in seafood is mainly deputy hemolytic vibrio, heat resistance, above 80 ℃ can kill. In addition to the bacteria in the water, the seafood may also have parasitic eggs, as well as pathogens and viral contamination. Generally, cooking in boiling water for 4 to 5 minutes is complete sterilization. Therefore, in eating "drunk crab", "sea urchin", "soy sauce (food) marinated seafood" you should be careful not heating cooking seafood, such as eating raw fish also to keep the fresh fish and health.

4. Seafood vitamin C and food poisoning

Many kinds of seafood, such as shrimp, crabs, clams, oysters, etc., contain chemical arsenic. In general, the content is small, but increasingly serious environmental pollution may lead to high levels of arsenic in these animals. The chemical valence of the arsenic in the shrimp is five price, generally, five price arsenic is not harmful to the human body. In theory, high doses of vitamin C (eating vitamin (vitamin food) C more than 500 mg) and pentavalent arsenic through complex chemical reaction, will be transformed into toxic trivalent arsenic (that is, we often say "arsenic"), when the trivalent arsenic dose poisoning can lead to the human body.

This is the winter seafood craze, and a lot of foodies are still stuck in the seafood. The seafood is delicious, but seafood is good, don't eat it, and some of the above are the common sense and taboos.

(source: wangda year)