The joint meeting of Marine and fishery law enforcement agencies in minzhong district, fujian province was successfully held
Column:Industry News Time:2017-11-01
On October 30, the joint meeting of Marine and fishery law enforcement agencies in minzhong district was successfully held in pingtan
Autumn in autumn, sweet and fragrant. On Oct. 30, fujian area of Marine and fishery law enforcement agencies smooth convening joint conference in pingtan, fujian area Marine and fishery law enforcement agencies at all levels responsible for comrade gathered, sharing their experience in law enforcement, Marine and fisheries law enforcement work and the issues of in-depth discussion. Wang youxi, deputy chief of the provincial general team, is responsible for the visit and guidance of the team.

The two branches of the direct division have briefed on the joint law enforcement efforts of the regional and regional Marine and fishery law enforcement agencies this year. Team fishery YuJian place to supervise FuXiu, fishing gear, cohesion of execution enforcement difficult comb, said will do our best to resolve the fujian various law enforcement agencies in fishery law enforcement difficulty. The fourth branch introduced the general situation of the team and said that it would continue to be concerned about the work of law enforcement agencies in minzhong district and provide support services for maritime joint law enforcement. Comrade minzhong for law enforcement agencies in charge of 13 cities (counties), combining the reality of jurisdiction and their work experience, focus on "how to promote FuXiu regulation effect, how to develop fishing law enforcement, how to curb illegal mining, how to improve the maritime law enforcement collaboration, how to proceed with the cohesion of execution" and so on five topics for discussion, analysis the reason, puts forward the countermeasures and Suggestions of sparkling highlights.

After listening to the parties sharing Wang Youxi deputy chief fully affirmed the fujian area by the ocean and fishery law enforcement agencies, hard work, at the same time stressed: to highlight the key, continued, with the attitude of "strict," pays special attention to the regulatory FuJi moratorium, ensure FuXiu the current the most effective fisheries management system implementation effect; In order to solve the problem, we should try to solve the bottleneck of "three no" ship law enforcement, innovate law enforcement methods, and jointly carry out the source control. We need to cooperate closely to strengthen the joint maritime joint mechanism with the Marine police department and establish a perfect linkage mechanism to maintain the high pressure situation of maritime law enforcement. We should consolidate the foundation, constantly strengthen the ranks of law enforcement agencies and equipment, strengthen training, standardize law enforcement, improve the means, and optimize the law enforcement environment.

The meeting also discussed the directly affiliated to the second team, fuzhou, putian, pingtan team on further strengthening the fujian area of maritime law enforcement cooperation memorandum, will establish regular communications mechanism, the normalized joint law enforcement mechanism, close the cooperation mechanism and strengthen the organization and leadership for the work of maritime law enforcement cooperation matters such as agreed.

(source: fujian Marine and fisheries law enforcement general team)